Design Engineer


Peerless Designs Ltd

Design and Production Coordinator - 2015 to Present

Peerless are the UK's leading supplier of merchandising and display systems. With over 30 years supplying the retail industry, they foster close relationships with architects, designers and retailers to engineer only the highest quality components. Peerless have an outstanding reputation, extensive product range as well as a strong customer base. Drafted into the company early 2015, my job was to maintain the high standards when developing new concepts and overseeing the design of projects we were working on. 

Click through the three sections below to see more of the retail display components and projects I've worked on. You may notice some of the content linked to or completed by myself at Peerless is locked, this may be because the project is currently undisclosed, the product has yet to be launched or is still being developed, please feel free to contact me for more information. All drawings and images are the property of Peerless Designs Ltd and are not to be reproduced in full or in part without written consent.