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Private Bar

Private Gin bar

Sometimes the one-off jobs are my favourites. Creating a completely bespoke unit for this customer, the best thing about this job was that I got the chance to be involved from start to finish, from design to installation, which isn't something many designers have the opportunity to do. This bar itself is located in a fantastic barn conversion in a secluded house, hidden from view just off a main road. With the bar carcass being constructed by a local carpenter from a mixture of oak veneered MDF / marine grade ply, and the metalwork and miscellaneous shelving items constructed by a local sheet metal worker, the final outcome looked fantastic. 

The stainless steel metalwork for the bar itself was split into sections and slid together flush on the test fit. The rear shelf, the two radiused ends, the straight sections and the underside / serving area of the bar were all separate components, due to obvious sheet metal size constraints, but also the fact that we bent a 10mm fixing lip to the underside to avoid any sharp edges when leaning against the bar. The bar and room itself (including seating arrangement) had a very Scandinavian feel so we opted for a rough 304 Stainless steel with a 'vibroed' satin finish.

A view to the rear of the bar showing the bare marine grade ply before we affixed the stainless steel top around its perimeter.

Some of the main difficulties we faced on this design were the sweeping non uniform curves the client liked and additional hidden details.

The upholstered seat before the trim was applied to finish, this was a view of the wooden carcass for bar visitors to rest on.

Please bear with me as this project is currently being finalised and fully installed. More photos of the completed project to follow.