Retail / Furniture Designer
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Freelance work


I fell into freelance work by accident really. My day to day job, involves maintaining a close relationship with people from a range of disciplines - manufacturers, designers, architects etc. Whilst striving to do the best possible job, it is only natural that these relationships flourish into freelance partnerships. Word of mouth is probably the most invaluable tool when it comes to finding jobs outside my 8-5 working day. I've had the joy of working on some fantastic projects purely off the back of a great daily reputation.

Fish Stunner

A stainless steel power unit for a humane fish stunner

Private Bar

A gin bar for a private client located in a fantastic barn conversion

Control Unit

Replicating and simplifying a control unit with complex hole locations

PLY / ALU Table

Manufacturing drawings for an aluminium table designed to replicate the 'plywood effect'